Steven Gee KC reviews Simon Bushell and Gary Milner-Moore’s Disclosure of Information

31 July 2023

Steven Gee KC’s Commercial Injunctions is a pre-eminent textbook for commercial litigators, and has been for decades. Never out of print and repeatedly updated, it has influenced countless actions in the courts of England and beyond. So his positive review of another book, by Seladore partners Simon Bushell and Gary Milner-Moore, is a moment of celebration for both co-authors and for the firm.

Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles is published by Bloomsbury and now in its third edition. Gee pays us the immense compliment of comparing it to earlier works by the great legal scholars Francis Mann, the noted authority on the law of money, and former Supreme Court Justice Lord Collins of Mapesbury. He calls it: “Immensely knowledgeable, [with] good judgment, practical, and operating internationally cross-border.”

“Part of the joy of this book,” he adds, “is that it considers authorities, accurately mapping the history of developments. It fits sources together in a large jigsaw puzzle, weighing and debating their significance… A great book is not one that simply tells you what you can find in the law reports, valuable and as authoritative as that may be. It is a commentary on what the law may be… That is this book.”

Simon, Gary and the Seladore team are humbled by and grateful for these kind words, and already feeling the weight of expectation for the fourth edition of Disclosure of Information.

The review first appeared in the June 2023 issue of PLC Magazine – to read it in full please click here.

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